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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Three for me.

While i'm waiting to acquire more findings and beads i made myself 3 little elasticated bracelets.
The little letter beads were from the Trimits wirlygig stand at the local market.The rest of the stuff is from my dismantled old jewellery. Hubby knows loads of people so i've asked him to put the feelers out for old broken beads etc that people may be throwing out. He's already arrived home with a tangled mess which has quite a bit of potential,lol.Before i go i have a little tip to share.
I use a cheap watercolour palette to sort out my beads for my latest projects. The hollows are nice and shallow to get your fingers into. See you soon ,hopefully with some better stuff.    Di.xx

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  1. Gawd you are clever,gab idea with the pallete.Love these really pretty.xx


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