This blog won't impress the professionals. That's ok. It's for people like me who just want a quick necklace or bracelet for themselves, or for a pressie. Usually in a hurry.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Double bracelet.

It took me far too long to make this bracelet. Partly because i had a few drinkies last night and was a bit shaky and partly because i had to restart it a couple of times to get it the right length.
This was made using beads from my ripped apart old jewellery.The only thing i had to buy was the toggle. It is threaded on Beadalon flexible 7 strand beading wire.It's slightly too big for me as i have quite skinny wrists so it's going into my christmas stocking fillers box.


  1. Lovely jewellery Di, often thought about having a go myself, but I spend far to much on card making stuff, without getting into anything else! Sue x

  2. It's gorgeous.It would fit me i have massive wrist lol.xx


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